I’m back!

I’m back in England with a bag full of shopping for PR boxes for our next book, Magic and Medicine.

It was a fantastic time, but I admit I’m a bit tired from all activities and definitely welcome returning to my little broom cupboard, otherwise known as reserved space on the sofa and diving again into the world of books.

So how do you like the pendants I bought for my ARC/Street Team? I love amber. Do you know it is called the living stone because light reflection and intrusions look like a fire locked within? I made it a unique item in the intrigue of Magic and Medicine, and there is no better place to get amber than Gdansk. So that’s how I spent my time at St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk. Hunting for the best pieces.

A bit about amber magic:

“Amber was associated with the sun, and its droplet shape created a natural link to tears in many Norse, Greek and Lithuanian mythologies. It was considered a gem of the lonely or grieving, and because it so perfectly preserved life, was used to honor the dead in funeral rites and was placed in burial tombs to guard the soul in the afterlife. Amber was traditionally known as a protective stone for children, and throughout history was strung as beads and placed around their neck to keep them from harm, and reduce teething pain. Medicinally it was ground into powder and mixed with water, oil or honey and used as an elixir or made into an ointment for curing deafness and poor eyesight, fever and stomach distress, asthma, gout, rheumatism, wounds and infections, epilepsy and the plaque. When lit, Amber’s smoke was thought to fend off evil spirits and enchantments, and sailors burned it on ships to drive away sea serpents and perils of the deep. As incense, it soothed stress and was believed to filter germs and disinfect an area, commonly used during childbirth.” from https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/amber/

Whether you believe amber has magical properties or not, there’s no denying it is a beautiful gemstone, and I absolutely adore it, so it made me very happy to be able to purchase some lovely pieces to share with my incredible team.

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