Sneaky bastard :p

Mark outdid himself lately. I know I have a sneaky, mischievous man, but this? I wouldn’t expect this from him, but it looks like even a decent man can do such unspeakable things to get a woman in bed.

You have to understand I have my writing routine. I wake up early when the house is still asleep and go to the living room where, in the peace and quiet, I write. My brain works better that way, but not Mark’s. He is an evening worker and loves to sit down very late for his editorial work. That means we sometimes work the whole day in entirely different rooms.

I have no problem with waking up early lately as I don’t need much sleep, but the one thing that always puts me to sleep is rain and thunderstorms. It is like someone just flipped the switch. Rain and thunder mean safe, vivid dreams and complete unconsciousness, oblivious to the world.

We have a little holiday now, and I wanted to write a lot, but somehow I kept waking up around 9am, which is quite late for me, not knowing why. Until today, when I really needed to use the bathroom and woke up to the sound of thunder and rain rumbling quietly from Alexa. Yes, you guessed it. Mark programmed our speaker to have 3 hours of rain in the morning because ‘he enjoys morning cuddle and that was the way to keep me in bed sleeping.’

Sneaky, sneaky man, but he can give a good cuddle, so I think I will forgive him for his little deception… but maybe unplug Alexa for the night if I want to finish Magic and Medicine edits.

Mark’s Rebuttal

I don’t usually add anything to these posts, content to edit them and quietly pour scorn on my life partner, Olga. However, this time I had to speak up. In her infinite wisdom the love of my life failed to mention her sleeping pattern at the end of the day. We go to bed at around 11PM after drugging our epileptic cat and unwind chatting and reading in bed (me for about 40 minutes to an hour before going to sleep). Olga however doesn’t, she reads, then watches videos, then reads, listens to music and reads some more till one of two things happen, she falls asleep at 2-3 am or more often than not I throw a pillow at her.

Come the morning muggins here gets up to drug the cat. This at 7am and it would be easy to carry said drugs in the bags under my eyes, so, in order to get a little more sleep I went back to bed and put on a little white noise to aid in my endeavour, waking up at around 9-10 feeling much refreshed. This is the real story behind the poor tired man battling the forces of evil in his own home.

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