The ARCs, The book and the tiredness.

I’m the most disorganised person ever and that is never a good trait when you are an indie author. I know I missed my regular blog update, but mainly because the last week really kicked my rearend.

First we had the ARC release – the majority of the ARC team getting the standard eBook but for some who read and reviewed all three books in the series so far, I prepared little gift, a physical ARC. The only problem with those is you have to pack, address and send them, not to mention fill out customs declarations.

With my current number in my ARC team that was a lengthy process, especially customs, and it took me a few days to sort it all with only a few mistakes and our postie coming to collect so early they had a good view of my tousled hair and pajamas.

As well as the ARCs, I was also on the verge of finishing Magic and Medicine and YAY I did it. We have our next book written and Mark is currently editing it for release in October. Of course there is also the actual Summer Veil release on 28th of July, that I had to set up promos for, and to arrange a bit of media buzz.

Oh and let’s not forget my actual work and NHS junior doctor strike – we love our colleagues so all consultants are covering their shifts, including myself.


I could deal with all of this if not for the tragedy of our Nespresso coffee machine breaking and we are waiting for its replacement to come. Five days, you hear me? Five days without coffee. I can sleep everywhere, sitting, standing, even on the toilet, so yup, I’m bit cranky – feel my pain.

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