Because it’s Wednesday

I will show you the book because it’s Wednesday, and I am supposed to write a post on Wednesday. There is a minor problem. I finished my 10h shift in ED and am tired as a dog. We were so understaffed that I barely had the time to go to the toilet. So I came home, had my coffee and sat in front of the computer, trying to squeeze something funny from my tormented brain.

I wondered what to write – about my newly discovered love for watermelon ice coffee (bless you, Nespresso, for this blend) or how Mark kept building a pillow fort around me each time we went to bed in the last few weeks. Maybe he wants to smoulder me for forcing him to edit more? Or how my teenage stepdaughter decided to clean her wardrobe, resulting in day three of her room looking like a pit with everything on the floor. Each of those subjects deserves its funny little story, but I feel like all humour drained from me since I had to tell the young woman she likely has terminal cancer.

Still, no matter how tired and flat I feel, the obligation is still there, so as I sat down, trying to awaken the sparkle that makes me write little humorous stories you so enjoy. Still, I think I’m failing miserably today, so instead of trying too hard, let me show you a book with a pretty picture, a newly printed hardback copy of Summer Veil, because it’s Wednesday, and I didn’t forget you may have been waiting for my post.

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