Divorce in the marketplace

With the upcoming release of Summer Veil and the end of the Season’s War series, we are planning some nice PR boxes for those of our Street Team who read, reviewed and lauded our books. I want to make it really lovely, and when we were walking around Truro Craft Fair today, I was engrossed in buying fantastic Cornish handmade products.

There was a stall with a Cornish brandy I like so much, and, of course, I got an idea to get a small sample bottled, but NO, Mark objected. We have previously had minor difficulties with some packages being returned from customs, but I argued that as long as we declared it, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Nope, Mark was dead against sending any edible or drinkable items to avoid trouble.

So we stood between the stalls in the middle of the craft fair, arguing the toss in front of the sellers who watched the deal of the day slowly pass them by because my man was adamant we couldn’t send our readers any alcoholic beverage.

I’m bloody Polish. We celebrate with booze, and now I feel deeply denied. Safe to say, we argued so hard it looked like we were going to finalise the divorce during the shopping trip in the city. Thankfully, the stall with scented candles and soap bars saved the day.

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