Conditional 5-star book review

A virus got me, and I failed miserably to fight off the infection. Maybe it was a tough work week or attempting to do too many things at once, but my body gave up, and I was confined to bed with nothing else to do but read.

Still, my brain didn’t want to cooperate, making anything even slightly complicated unpalatable for yours truly, but that’s what you have BookTok for. ;p

I asked for recs, something nice, easy and smutty, and I ended up with this. Now brace yourself because here comes my conditional 5-star review.

The book has no plot. No, you heard right, none whatsoever. The main female character’s personality is a nymphomaniac who can’t think about anything else but to be stuffed all day, every day. It is all wrapped in “she loves unconditionally” trope because the girl like to smex monsters, and she just wanders from one bed to another or floor or stairs or grotto with a golem, sphinx, vampire, invisible man, you name it.


It is very sweet and nicely written. The men are delicious, and the book was the perfect fluff piece, and that was exactly what I needed for my virus-ridden soul. Would I give it 5 stars if I was looking for smutty fantasy romance – probably not? So I can recommend this book for mood readers who, every now and again, need something that does not involve thinking. You can just lay down, relax and enjoy the strange curves of a Sphinx’s dick.

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