April Showers – get yourself books :)

I finished the series😊

And it simply feels nice. On Wednesday I put the last dot in Summer Veil book and with it I finished Ina’s adventures.

I must admit I’m very proud of myself. All is neatly tied up and our naughty hero will finally find her freedom.

The only caviat is, I feel tired but I still want to write. It feels like a strange compulsion, like if I stop the sky will come to crush me down. Maybe it is the endorfine addiction like when you do to much exercise? I don’t know, but I’m planning new books, this time something standalone. Maybe I will finish Magic and Medicine or I will start something new? I feel unsettled because things suddenly feels like areal work for real writer and the deadlines I’m pushing myself into are quite harsh but I would like to publish 3 or 4 books this year.

As you can see writing holiday doesn’t seem to be for me, also I’m doing few of the promo stuff so if you click on the picture you will have a chance to win 26 books in our gigant paperback giveaway. And if you have any idead what I sould write about let me know. I’m open for proposals as long as it is in fantasy romance genre. I simply like magic to much to write about anything else.

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