Your step-daughter first boyfriend.

I’m packing my ARC promo packages today. A thank you card with few book aesthetics and illustrations on the bookmarks and fridge magnets. Nothing much but enough to show appreciation for my ARC readers.

My stepdaughter came back from school and as proper tenager with FOMO running high she decided to join in and help in case she was missing out on something so vital as putting things into the envelopes. That’s where she spotted a fridge magnet with one of our main characters and instantly grab it.

It took me a good moment to explain who he is and what he is doing in the books. From one word to another I was instructed he has to have more to say in our next book and best if he fell in love in her character. Because now with man like this I have to write her in the book and make a kissing scene between her character and him.

Yup, I have a first fan girl for our bad boy. With hard crash on his character. So hard she snatched the magnet and brought it to her room.

But I’m not going to write any kissing scenes between them.

Just no, she can write her own fan fiction.

Even I have some hard limits. 🤣

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