Wet Rat Saturday

Mark and I got a little writing crazy sitting at home and finishing the last book in Season’s War series, so yesterday, he dragged me out to town for shopping. Not the best timing because … well, it is Cornwall, and it was raining. Here, when it rains, it pours. It feels like a monsoon with rain going vertically and horizontally, and gods know whatever other directions.

Of course, it is never a deterrent if you live in this country, so armed with a newly bought umbrella; we strolled through Farmer’s Market buying a lot of cider and some excellent steaks for Mark.

In the end, wet as rats, we ended up in Charlotte’s Tea House in Truro. This is one of my favourite places in the town. Located in an old Coinage House full of books and antiques, just give you this right vibe. I love the charm of old places with stone walls and waitresses that still wear these funny outfits with black and white headdresses.

So after eating my egg royale with morning coffee and getting curious glances from other patrons when we discussed the best marketing strategy, I came up with a pitch for our April release

Of course, nothing can go wrong when a temperamental witch and stubborn nature mage embark on the journey to save the Spring. If only someone explained this to their ever-loving men, the winter goddess, and maybe the rest of the world, life would be much easier.

Spring Blight ( Season’s War: Book Three)

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