High as a kite 🤣

Guess what happened?

Mar in his infinite wisdom cleaned the teenager room than carrying a lot of cups and glasses not seeing where he was going he slipped on the stairs and instead of dropping the load and save himself he somersaulted full flight down.

To make our life even more interesting, he drove himself to ED where I was on the shift and looking like a “death on the flag” fell out of the car and I had to wheel him into my ED.
I thought he punctured his lungs but no, 4 broken ribs after and high as a kite on morphine, he was going to be admitted to the surgical ward.

Not that he could make any coherent sentence, but he protested so vigorously that now I have him at home with one task – to speed edit Spring Blight.

After all, sick leave doesn’t mean not working at all. His hands and brain are still fine. 🤣

And cover for Spring Blight will look like this – Reveal with Giveaway on 17th of February.

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