The magical aquarium

The story started when we changed internet provider and with this we had to reset all of our smart plugs.

Our aquarium lights were one of them, but being too lazy and after setting too many switches, I left it for a later date in the meantime manually switching the light on and off.

Here comes the catch. Our aquarium maybe not look that pristine, more like a natural pond but the fishes are breeding like crazy, plants are growing nicely and water is in superb quality. Somehow environment naturally regulate itself. Still when we introduced shrimps and snails after few days they all of them disappeared and I thought maybe fish ate them or they died from relocation shock. Imagine my confusion when in the morning I switch on the aquarium lights and noticed a helluva lot of baby snails all over the glass, shrimps eating plants and all behaving like this was one massive party with “oh shit” moment when landlord switched on the lights.

I called Mark to come and see it but before he dragged his sleepy bum to the office – PUFF! – and they were all gone.

So I keep buying more snails and shrimps to keep the aquarium healthy and those cheeky fuckers simply hidden somewhere welcoming new colleagues. I mean the audacity of the aquatic life. Outrageous!

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