To me to you and a bit of paranoia

Last week wasn’t kind to us. First, I caught tonsillitis then Mark started coughing, and we passed the infections to each other, leaving us both feeling incredibly miserable. This, of course, affected our work and the release schedule so we are now so far behind I am worried we may not achieve the April release date

The good news is that we have a cover for Spring Blight and it is gorgeous. Well, we actually have two and I will let our ARC team decide which is better while we furiously try to finish the edits and make the book available for our beta readers.

On a more amusing note, I have been taking perverse pleasure from watching the weird shit about prince Harry’s book. From a doctor’s perspective, I would be concerned the patient was displaying paranoid disorder  if someone came to my ED spewing stories how everybody is trying to get him. In fact, one question we ask when someone has paranoid delusion is, and bear in mind, I am paraphrasing the question we use professionally but, what we ask is: ‘Did the lady in the telly tell you to do it?’

 I’m assuming a wealthy person with therapists would have this diagnosed and treated rather than allow themselves to go full guns blazing in the public arena. So I’m watching this train wreck wondering where it would end occasionally laughing from stories of frostbitten appendages and singing with the seals.

Although I can’t fully condone singing to the seals as when I was 12 years old and thought maybe I was so special that I have magical powers I was howling to the moon … yup, teenage madness gets everyone.

So I’m going back to my edits and I hope you, my friends have a lovely Sunday.

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