Spring Blight – snippet

The women turn as if on command to face a group of scruffy individuals looking at them with interest. For obvious reasons, their gaze lingered on Velka as Ina prepared for the journey and wore practical clothes. At the same time, Velka came straight from the palace and all of her projected wealth and refinement. Still, trying to apprehend the mage was borderline stupid, even as gentle and well-mannered as a nature mage.

‘And who are you?’ Ina asked, moving forward in front of her friend. She didn’t realise when her hand lingered on the sword handle.

‘Oh, look, the mage brought the bodyguard with her.’

‘Aren’t you too small for a guardian, sweety?’

The roar of laughter shook the forest when the men mocked her.

‘Maybe she is feisty in bed.’

‘Look at her tits,’

‘drop this toy, and we will show you how to be a woman.’

The boasting continued, and all except one man circled them, expecting the easy prey. Ina felt Velka’s hand on her shoulder, and her soft voice, saturated with amusement, filled the air.

‘I think we met Gods stupidest creations. Do you know who you are talking to?’ Her carelessness seemed to disconcert them, but only for a moment. The leader stepped forward and pulled his axe.

‘I don’t care, you coming with us. Your family will pay a hefty price for their precious mage, and this one will fetch us some money. Madron brothel always looks for fresh faces.’ His smirk, so full of pride, made women look at each other and burst into laughter. When Ina contained herself, she pulled the falchion sword Mar ordered to make for her and took a stance.

‘Well, come and get those titties, big boy.’ She said with a bright smile. The blind fate gave her a perfect opportunity to test herself in the actual fight before she stepped into a lion’s maw, this time without Mar or Ren guarding her every step. Ina didn’t want to resort to siphoning Chaos from death and destruction, reserving the ultimate measures in case things went wrong, but her own and peridot’s reserves should be enough for this little skirmish if she decided to call to her magic. Poor bastards, they don’t know what came for them. She thought with a hint of pity, soon replaced by a shiver of appreciation.

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