Yuletide in Liath,

I know I have been quiet lately, but life simply gets in the way. With Christmas, my daily work and my attempt to be a professional author, things got slightly over the top of me, and I must admit I’m a bit tired.

The book release was exhausting, and due to the holiday season, all indie authors have a hard time with sales. So I’m working my butt off to promote the book.

Still, in all this, I found the moment to blitz a short story, a holiday special from our Ina’s world, so please enjoy it, and if this entices you to read our main books, don’t forget to leave a review.

Yuletide in Liath

What if a snowstorm trapped an angry witch in Liath?
What if Chaos magic could light up the darkness of the night?
What if a dragon’s kiss could change the woman’s heart?

It is story is a non-cannon, which means that it doesn’t have relation to the timeline of Season’s War events, but… what if it did?

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