TV night with my fellow authors and some afterthoughts

I never considered group watching something I’d enjoy, but after joining a community of fantasy romance authors, I found out that there is nothing more amusing than watching a romance movie with people that write it for living.

We all gathered to watch “A Castle for Christmas” and OMG as they dissected the move by tropes, plot holes, hotness moments, and scores. When suddenly the main female character slipped and conveniently fell into the main male character and Elise Kova’s comment popped up, ‘slipped and fell 100 points.’ I almost bend in half laughing.

It was also an eye-opening moment, that people with careers you aspire to, share your sense of humour and approach to life, not to mention weird taste in movies.

It helps to find out you may actually have author friends that already walk the walk and talk the talk and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel but simply ask the question. It also helps when pre-release anxiety strikes. When you’re fretting if your ARC readers are going to post a review, if you get enough 5 stars to be spotted by Amazon algorithm, and if your series catches enough interest before the new book release.

I admit we write in a difficult genre – for many reasons, first because our books are not a typical romance, but also not a typical clean fantasy, second because fantasy romance dark or otherwise is an overcrowded market and to find your place you have to fight tooth and nail for every reader.

So I’m waiting for the 18th of December with goosebumps, hoping for the best. While enjoying the fun moments with people that feel the same.

What about you? Do you like movie-nights even if your friends are gathered online?

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