One wet nipple 🤣

I have no idea what get into us to go to the town in the very rainy Saturday morning. The rain wasn’t just falling, it was pouring but when you live in Cornwall you know this won’t discourage people from going shopping.

While we were strolling between other soggy looking people Mark got the idea that since it is Black Friday weekend why not check if electronic shops haven’t got any intersting deal. After all we had to think about Christmas presents and such. We were already loaded with other shopping bags and although I could manouver my umbrella without hitting to many people’s in the face I was unable to cover much taller Mark and he resorted to trust his rainproof coat.

So we went to the shop and while I was browsing the merchandise Mark went to chat with the salesman and to sign the deal on the product we wanted. The shop was hot so he proceed to remove his coat and suddenly I heard the dialogue.

‘I have wet nipple? Why I have only one nipple wet?’

Yup it was my man, looking at his jumper and large wet patch around his left peck. Completely oblivious he directed this question to mortified clerk. The cha looked at him, than looked at me and blurted out.

‘Maybe because one is always bigger?’

I really thought I will piss myself laughing there. The man got the deal and whole shop got the entertainement from my delisiously inapropriate man’s question why his waterpoof coat didn’t protect his nipple.

I think he will be forever known between the mobile phone sellers as

“The nipple man.”

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