When you forget you also have a doctor career 🤣

Yup, I forgot I am a speaker in the international congress

Writing takes most of my non clinical time lately and I think I found my secodn call in life, but being so engrossed in writing the stories I tend to forget one important thing. I’m also a doctor.

Sometime ago I was asked to be a speaker in the International Emergency Congress in Antlaya. We were very excited about it especially that it was around Mark’s birthday and I was hoping we could send some nice “couple” time there. Life got in the way and we couldn’t fly there as we coldn’t find a suitable catsitter for the time.


till few days ago I didn’t get a message from the organisers ‘are you coming?’ I shit you not in a hope we could fly there I forgot to cancel my appearance and to make matter worse, I compleatly forgot about it. I had no presentation, and I was expected to give a lecture on the Ultrasound in Resuscitation. So I spend last few days preparing the slides for the hybrid/zoom appearance only to learn due to time zone difference my presentation is at 5:30am.

I am a proper zombie at this time of night, so the next step was to pre-record the presentation because slurred speech and yawning might not be best recieved. Any way today I woke up at ungodly hour of 5am put my best jumper over my pijama and apply any online filter I could find to look more like a human being and played my presentation in front of massive conference audience.

It was so well recieved that the chairman forgot to mark the timing and I exceed my alocated time frame. I won this one in a proper ED style.

Tired, sleepy and under preassure on the night shift.


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