Shh… sleepy time. (he is a nutjob) 🤣

Sometimes you realise that your life partner and the best co-writer treat you like a toddler. Mark’s and mine writing model, I would call building a sandcastle. I’m the one who piles the sand and shapes it into a castle. Mark is the one who does all the engineering, making sure the structure is sound and adding some military aspects. Later I add decor and atmosphere with a hint of humour, and he polishes it to the shining standard.

In short, I create the story, and he edits it. I love his work and always look forward to reading his edits, especially when we have a scene that is mainly the male POV or male interactions. He is now on chapter 4 of our third book, Spring Blight ( I’m on the 20th ), and when I came back from work yesterday, I was so tired that I completely forgot about his edit.

The realisation that I skipped my favourite part of the day hit me at midnight when we were cuddling in bed, half asleep. Without too much thinking, I sat up, ready to head off to our office to read it, when Mark grabbed me by my pyjamas, pulling me back on his chest, and the discussion unfolded.

‘Where are you going?’

‘I want to read your edit. You were doing Mar and Ren today.’

‘We have work in the morning, we need to sleep. You can read it tomorrow.’

‘But I want to read it now. I love your boyzone edits.’

Nope, I was going nowhere. He had the audacity to press my head to his chest while I kept trying to stand up, and despite my struggle, he gently patted my back, repeating.

‘Shhhh… sleepy time… shhhh .. sleepy time.’

I mean, what the hell? He was acting like I was an overactive toddler on the sugar rush. I almost ended up throwing a tantrum and saying yes, daddy. Instead, being completly baffled by his reaction and roaring laughter for good 15 minutes. Even now, when I think about his shhh… sleepy time, I want to laugh, but it serves me well for loving such a nutjob of a man.

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