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When I chat with the readers, I often hear the question of how we came up with our magical system and that our Chaos-Order combination is refreshing between the books on the marker. Well, that’s what you get when a woman with a degree in medical science team up with a telecommunication engineer. 😁

Let’s start by saying I absolutely dislike overpowered heroes and magic appearing from ass knows where. I struggled with Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch, and many fantasy book doesn’t have a clearly defined ‘where it came from.’ Origin of main character powers. When you make them overpowered, and as a vulnerability, you add only angst (another thing I really dislike)—I don’t find any pleasure in it.

So what exactly is Chaos–in Ina’s world, it is a life force that fuels all, life magic, gods. Yeah, I know you think The Jedi; I think The Entropy.

(a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.)

Just imagine all this energy stored in a disorganised way in the universe, and only a few people can directly tap into it and use it. So what is Order in that example? It is nothing else but more organised Chaos. The power that was filtered and stored in a mage body or gems/crystals artefacts that could be used for anything. Energy itself has no purpose, and it is up to the user to shape it as per natural predisposition. Some will grow plants, others will heal or fight, and highest Order mages, just like computer algorithms, can use it to predict reality patterns.

With this comes limitations. Ina can be godlike if introduced in an environment of high entropy Chaos (battle) and thoroughly mediocre mage when the Chaos is low. The mages are called bejewelled colleagues because they have to carry the gems around, just like you carry the power bank for your phone.

As you see yourself, our magic system is not unique. It is based on life itself. All I did was use my own personal Chaos and harness it in an illusion spell to create the magical world of Cornovii. I hope you enjoy it.

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