Domestic applications for the dragon 🤣

‘Mar, you grew bigger recently…’

He wasn’t sure whether she was asking or making a statement so he only looked at her with a question in his eyes.

‘I mean, I noticed you become bulkier and taller like your dragon part tries to spread the frame to fit in, and you are hotter to touch’ she tapped her fingers over his pecks when his eyebrows shot up in response. ‘I think I like it gives more space to cuddle, but can you soften a bit when you change so it is more like a cushion, and your dragon is good for long trips. We don’t need a big fire to get warm just to cuddle to your nice round belly. Can you do it for me?’

SPRING LOVERS clipped paragraph

and THIS my dear readers is the reason why I should not write super tired or under the influence. 😂

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