Hangover and rewards

I was ment to post earlier but I’m still fighting with effects of hangover. As you know my daily job is to be an emergency doctor and allowing myself for a moment of shamless bragging I think I’m pretty good in it.

So yesterday was a big day. Our hospital presented something caused Brilliance Awards for the people that shows some talent in their field of working. Well mine is bedside ultrasound in emergency medicine and I won a title of Innovator of the Year.

This together with our book successful release called for celebration and as there was an awesome coctail bar that served delicious drinks not to mention our department also won Brilliant Team of the year, well we got ourselves floored. I thought I was fine till much later when change of the circumstances and the age of my liver show the problem. 😁

But I haven’t told you where was the problem. The party was initially planned in summer in a place called SkyBar, but there was a Covid wave and it was moved to September. So you have this large open space on the top of the cliff in Cornwall in the Autumn. If you live or been in Cornwall you will know what I mean. It was cold and windy as fcuk so even if you drink you didn’t feel the effects of alcohol, but once you get home it was compleatly different story. To make it worse I gave my coat to my stepdaughter because the teenage brat conveniently forgot to take her own and was freezing her tits off in her summer dress.

Safe to say I don’t remember much after my home arrival. It looked like I fell asleep on top of Mark giving my man night to remember mainly elbowing his sensitive bits. Today I feel foggy, I could drink the ocean dry and I hope you’ve enjoyed my chaotic post, because no matter how one’s feels, the writer has to write.😅

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