How to get banned in 3…2…1

Today is the funny one. Let me tell you the story of how I get banned from one of the book groups.

To give you the context. I find inspirational quotes and uplifting memes insufferable. They are well intended but silly at best and patronising at least, not to mention the quality and most of the so-called international quotes are so low I could write sitting on the toilet.

The silence suffering within shoudl not stop you from expressing your heart.

Olena Nikiting Inspirational quote while scrating her foot 😁

See what I mean? Anyway, a long time ago, I joined one of the Facebook groups that were supposed to be dedicated to promoting books to readers. ( yeah, I know marketing and stuff). As the group was not very interesting or gave me anything book-wise (too many posts, so you are lost in the crowd in 5 min). I forgot about it until their posting blew up my feed two days ago. Out of interest, I peeked at the feed streams, and the drama unfolded.

The story goes: some members complained that the admin is spamming the group with inspirational quotes, thought-provoking memes and so on. I checked the feed – fair enough, sometimes he even posted with word mush every few hours. Instead of listening to the group members and establishing some compromise admin team of this group collectively lost their shit, and their temper started flying.

I admit I’m a drama-llama ,so I stayed and watched ,munching on proverbial popcorn till the guilty admin posted a long wining post asking “a serious question” to all members about why they consider his posts spam and the occasional troll/porn posts bring fewer complaints. He also threatened to name and shame the accounts and such.

I thought he really wanted an answer (🤣 ok, you got me there I just get sucked into fanning the fires), and I replied to his posts saying.

“I much rather prefer the porn than inspirational quotes, as I don’t like to be patronized, but whatever rock your boat “

Ohhh… it went so juicy from this point, and I laughed so hard Mark asked if I started another internet shit-storm. Well, I didn’t just gently fan the flames of a supposedly adult admin temper tantrum.

And that’s how my lovely readers, I got myself banned 😋

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