Interesting things you can learn from the reviews.

We are still in the release week malarky and first reviews and ratings are coming. We have moslty 5⭐ reviews and ratings, 4.5 on US and 4.6 on US amazon and 4.36 on Goodreads and it makes me very happy.

Reading the reviews I’m often surprised how our book is percieved and how our own, Mark’s and mine sensitivities, are different from the general readers. We thougt we wrote steamy but nice fantasy romance but it turn our we manage to create vivid and entracing fantasy smut. 🤣

We like to write in a visceral way and not shy away from any aspects of life and I think that sometimes it can came across as really dark.

So what exactly did we learn from the reviews:

  1. That we write more in category of Dark Fantasy than we expected, and although we tone down the war and violence scenes comparing to first draft it is still a bit to much for some.
  2. Everybody loves Ina
  3. Readers are divided between team Mar and team Ren and Ina’s choice affects the review score.
  4. We are violent dark people who write kinky sex and disturbing brutality and we are deeply honoured by this 🤣

    It is quite enlightening to find out what other thinks of your book and we are hoping to get more insight once the enormous ( for the first time writers) book count we sold will be read and reviewed by people who not necessary share our naughty but nice outlook on life.

    P.S. Also I’m very glad Mark convinced me to put the trigger warning on the front page.

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