Am I cursed?

And lets not forget the lake and awesome swim in the wild lake Kraksy

My holiday time is as bonkers as the rest of my life. My mother invited everyone to the fancy restaurant near the lake for family dinner. Around 20 people were about to turn up; some hadn’t seen me for the last 3 years, so I wanted to look at my best. Still, it was near the lake, and the restaurant patio opened to the beach, so I took the flip-flop sandals. They were nice, and I could easily take them off if I decided to walk on the beach or go to the lake.

My cousin was giving me a lift, and all I did was walk from the house to the car. While on a journey, I felt my sandals were very light on my feet, which I took as a welcome perk. The problem started when I got out of the car, walked a few steps and noticed the soles of my sandals were left behind.

I had the soles and the straps but not connected to each other.

In both sandals.

At the same time.

Right before big family reunion.

I started laughing and that startled Mark, who didn’t know why I suddenly bent forward and can’t stop gigging, but I just couldn’t imagine weirder scenario. And so I walked to the banquet room of a fancy restaurant like a barefoot Contessa holding the sad remains of my sandals.

Happily my family is not the most sane ones and found this situation perfectly hilarious. Quoting my cousin, “I have so much fun in Poland that my shoes fell off”.

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