I’m going berserk, an attempt of book theft.

This week was an awkward one so far. First, I’m getting anxiously excited about the book release. Typesetting is beautiful, the line art I ordered for Autumn Chaos coming along so nicely, and pre-orders are coming in slowly but steadily. All seems in motion and are in place, and I thought I could relax during my holiday in Poland, but it all seems to be somewhat tightened up, and the less I have to do during those last 3 weeks, the more I feel like I missed something important.

So I organised a pre-launch giveaway because why not? It can spread awareness, and I’m testing the waters before going all guns blazing during the release date. Join and share on social media if you wish, and I will be very grateful.

That’s for the cheerful news

On the annoying note, during the blind search (throw the stone, who doesn’t google your name once or twice😋), I found out two websites are pirating our book A Little Accident, which so pisses me off. It is just 4 months on the market, and if I wish to give it for free to my subscribers, it is up to me, but someone profiting from the “subscribe to our website and read for free” scheme made me furious.

My inner berserk sprang to action. I spent the whole yesterday reporting them for copyright infringement too, I think, all over the world and any authority I could find. The only positive thing I was in the excellent company of authors I admire, so … it was a kind of compliment, no?

Today I’m back to writing as it messed up my word count for the third book, which triggered my writer’s OCD. Oh, and keep an eye on the Sunday post. I will show you one of the artworks. It is so bold and made me smile.

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