Fix what’s not broken(I’m EPIC) 🤣

To be an indie author means learning a lot of new skills. For example, nowadays, you must have a website. Without knowledge or any kind of training, I built our website from scratch (nope; I did not code it, just put things together on WordPress), but still, it works reasonably well.

Until Friday, when I noticed the image loading was a bit slow during the routine maintenance, I reloaded it and turned up AMP settings. On the desktop, it looked brilliant, but in any android settings, it was a disaster. Most people accessed the website from their phones, so I needed to fix it, and that’s how I spent the last two days. Redoing the whole front page—TWICE.

The language I used when elements didn’t want to fit as planned could be easily heard in any garage when the mechanic hit this thumb with a hammer. And finally, Mark decided to help and while he was Googling the “fix AMP settings” looking for a solution, I decided I had enough and …


The damned thing fixed itself. I don’t know how and I’m unsure if I want to know. Mark almost died laughing, especially when I yelled at him; he is the bloody engineer and should tell me to turn it on and off.

Long story short, it’s working now, and we have a brand new home page.

Oh, and we have a pre-launch giveaway. If you sign yourself, you can win £25. Link here: GIVEAWAY

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