I’m melting, not just from heat

Cornwall is not the best place to live today. The weather is hot and humid and despite the sky being overcast, both Mark and I are laying on the couch like overheated dogs. That worries me because I just sent the book for formatting and I have this “did I lock the door” feeling.

You must know it, you walk out of the house, lock the doors, walk half way where you want to and question yourself if you really locked the doors. With my today mushy state of mind, despite checking manuscript several times, I still have this feeling I may overlook some double lines or silly mistakes. It is just bonkers.

Anyway, plans for the evening are cold shower and movie night with Mark and it looks like we will be watching things hot, wet and naked, not necessary for the right reasons. 🤣

But before your imagination drifts in uncharted territory, look to the side – we have our first review for AUTUMN CHAOS from our ARC reader and I can’t be happier. We have a saying in Poland ( mostly untranslatable) but let me paraphrase it loosely that the writer needs review like withered flowers need water. Well, this one definitely made me blossom and reading it not only sweeten my waiting time for the publication date but also caused a small, happy meltdown. So there, for you to enjoy..

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