Yay! It’s Raining

The heat wave came and gone, and our crazy cat household was taught two major lessons.

First: no matter how much you love the other person, there is no cuddling during the heat wave. I don’t know what your significant other was like, but Mark was sizzling hot, and with his nordic blue-blonde physique touched by the sun, it was like cuddling pissed-off bright red lobster.

Second: I do not know how people in tropical countries withstand the heat and moisture at the same time, but I was unreasonably angry, and every minor thing set me off into the raging silence.

You may think raging silence is not bad, but when I do it, it’s terrifying. Mark says I radiated menace. I believe only cats like it and flop on the sun deck, absorbing UV light to their souls’ content.

So imagine a pissed-off lobster with a silently raging woman under the same roof. Safe to say, we welcomed thunderstorms as a blessing from the sky. Now it’s raining, and we can cuddle again.

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