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Marcach of Liath

Autumn Chaos

Mar didn’t dare to move till he heard her breathing even out, and he was sure she drifted into a deep sleep. He rested his chin on her head, allowing himself to close his eyes and revisit the battle scene. Ina’s magic stunned him, not only by its strength but also by its remarkable beauty. He chuckled softly and was startled that it might have woken her up, but thankfully Ina was still sleeping.

Fire vipers, what else one could expect from such a spitfire of a woman? He gently stroked her back, careful to not touch the injured shoulder. Not once had he held his late wife like this, or any other woman, for that matter. And he knew he would do whatever it took not to make it the last time. He thought about Ren and his friend’s infatuation and rolled his eyes, muttering to himself.

“It looks like love at first wound with this one.”

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