The art. Of suturing.

 We all face the embarrassing moment every now and again. Not so long ago was my turn, and I didn’t even do anything stupid. Just tried to help one of my co-workers.

The consultant’s job has little to do with moving patients on the bed or making the bed. Still, I have never worn a golden crown, so I’m not afraid to lose it doing the job “below my pay grade.”  Anyway, to cut to the chase, the clumsy me helped with the obese patient and the combination of lack of experience, too much goodwill and “the good deeds never got unpunished,” somehow my trousers caught on the edge of the bed rail.

… and it ripped.

Right on the seem to expose much of my thigh.

So here you have me. Still, half a day running the department, flashing my thigh like Angelina Jolie during the Hollywood gala. But let us not forget I’m the emergency doctor. And how does the ED sort out the problems?

Acknowledge… Adapt… Overcome

Although the surgical vinyl sutures are not the best to fix the fabric, after 15 minutes of solitary time in the bathroom, and I’ve emerged as a brand new fashionista with the big hole fixed and trousers looking like a brand new pair. No one noticed a thing.

Now, the question is. Should I explain to my leg-crossing colleague what I was doing there when he was waiting for me to vacate the premises, or should I let them believe I had a severe case of constipation?

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