Mix and mash because it’s Friday.

Our cat being a cat. No matter how grand battle scene is you have to stop when you have to stop when your puss demands attention. 😁


Writers life- when your cat complains on the lack of attention and you are deeply into the battle scene #cat #writing #writersoftiktok #cute #love #fantasy

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Mix and mash today.

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10/06/2022 Olena Nikitin’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

        I’m very happy to say we now have 60 extra subscribers since our last newsletter and I would like to welcome you all to our small but fast-growing family. So what’s the news from the writing front? While Mark is furiously editing Winter Dragon, I’ve prepared the outline for Spring Lovers and I’m in the middle of the first chapter. 
       Of course, life is not without its troubles and we had to deal with family illnesses whilst trying to keep up with the daily word count. Not to mention the day job getting weirder and weirder, and life around us makes even less sense. Yesterday during a shopping trip we witnessed security chasing the man wearing only a jockstrap and shouting he was worshipping the sun. Not much can beat this.

      So I wondered, have you had any weird and wonderful experiences when going about your normal day? If so please share in our group Olena’s Funtasy with Spice and let’s laugh about it together, I would love to meet you all and get to know you better. Just be warned we all are bit nuts there.

      Some of you have already read the first chapter of Autumn Chaos. If you would like to read more and get some book merchandise please sign yourself to the ARC launch team link below.

      Oh and don’t let me forget, we made fools of ourselves and recorded some snippets on you-tube. If you want to hear our voices complete with my charming Polish accent. check it  here: Olena’s YouTube

       I hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime enjoy the amazing anthology put together by Margo Bond Collins and check on group promotions where you can find many interesting books. 
Olga &Mark



If you are interested in participating in our ARC giveaway please see this form. The free ebook will be available on the 1st of August and we would like you to post the review on the 1st of September. We intend to send two reminders – one before we release the ebook copy, and the second on the day of publication. We don’t expect large elaborate reviews (although those are so welcome), as a simple two or three sentences review is enough for us so please don’t feel discouraged. 
Also for those of you who submit physical addresses, we will send small freebies as a token of our appreciation.
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A mystery of a monster on the rampage ignites the passionate love triangle between a witch and two warriors with a help of a mysterious cat.

After ten years of peaceful solitude, exiled-mage-turned-village-witch, Lady Inanuan of Thorn, has her life turned upside down when a half-dead warrior is dumped on her doorstep. Soon she learns that no good deed goes unpunished in the Black Forest—not even if your friend is Leshy, the Forest God himself.

Expelled from her position as a court mage for her sharp tongue, Ina’s had ten years to learn how to survive in a harsh environment. The forbidden healing she performs links her life energy with her unexpected guest Marcach, captain of the guards, and Ren, his best friend, a traveller from lands so far away that many consider them a myth.

With unnatural monsters on the loose and unrest in the capital, everything points toward rebellion, and clues that both men discover indicate Ina’s involvement. Ina learns her magic is not what it seems, and her past comes back to haunt her.
An old mistake will see her dragged back to the court and thrown right into the middle of the political struggle. To make things worse, her heart succumbs not to just one man but two, and each expects the worst of her.

Will the woman who does not believe in love be able to choose? And can she clear her name and learn to control the Chaos before it burns the kingdom down?
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