Uncharted waters

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I’ve started to write out third book in the series called Lovers Spring. Thinking of this I’m not sure if I didn’t write myself into the corner. Part of our subplot is a gay romance between the king and his advisor and I just feel it fits so much. I’m not the box ticking author. I would never put “this ONE friend” for the sake of appealing to as many readers as possible.

In this book it just fits and it is sweet, sensible and just right. I like my heroes and I model them after the lovely couple I know and have privilege to work with, but I have a writer’s dilemma. In the world where every word can be taken out of context to take an offence, can I be sure I will write it in the right way. I have no experience, I’m not part of the LGBTQ world, but I think it is worth to do it. After all love is love and all couples I know share the same joys and sorrows I know from my own love life.

Well, let’s hope I will give my men a good ARC, and lets sail to Ina’s new adventure.

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