Happy-ish morning

Today started really nicely. We woke up in the morning, drugged our epileptic cat and kick child to school. Next, both Mark and I got ourselves ready for the doctor’s assessments. Mar was booked for a routine check-up with his dentist, I had the orthopaedic review for my not so well working knee.

We dressed nicely and sat to drink morning coffee before we got for our rounds. Mar was browsing through my phone and said.

‘Oh, look you got a reminder, they changed your appointment for 30 of May.’

‘No, it was always 30th. Maybe they just send it randomly, check yours.’ I answered and he dig his confirmation.

It also said 30th of May and we just shrug it off and continue with the breakfast before going out. Suddenly Mark frowned.

“but they said Monday.’

We both snap the calendar opened and sure thing. The medical appointments we so wash, dress and prepared today will happen in 3 days’ time.

And we woke up at 6am to get ready… on our free day… like idiots.

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