Little things that matter to a writer

“Today, I’ve learned that I, an unknown author have a dedicated fan who is in “team Ina” (the fictional character from Autumn Chaos/A Little Accident novel). She even made fan art. I hope she knows how much it means to us.”@olena_nikitin

When you write a book at first you just want to pour your thoughts onto the paper, but the more effort you put into it (not just writing, but editing, marketing and finances) the more you want it to succeed. Maybe writers are like a mind-Instagramers with the constant push and need to be visible. There is this need to be read, and you even have a small hope someone will like it.

But the truth is, you never know unless you see the review. And sometimes a few short words, I like it, your hero is someone I can go to the pub with or simple things like this can make your day. If it is constructive criticism it can help you to improve your craft. Occasionally, you get a reader that goes above and beyond and made you’re you know how much they enjoyed your book, and even put together some fan art.

And frankly speaking, there is nothing better to keep you going especially when you have doubts if you are good enough or just disillusioned.

So for everyone who took their time to read and review our book big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And a special thank you to Anne who made my day with this one

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