Not at my best

Well, it was one helluwa awful night last night. Like something broke in my head, and I struggled to fall asleep, but when this eventually happened, my tickly throat and whooping cough woke me up.

The only good thing was I didn’t have to go to work the following day, as I hate these sleepless night hangovers when you struggle to focus on anything. Simple activities feel like you were running a marathon. On the other hand, the cats are happy as daisies and running around the house wreaking havoc. Sometimes I think we should get giant hamster wheel and Mark can engineer some electrical connection to the main grid. We never have to pay for power again.

So the plan for today is simple: finish the bloody chapter and maybe sit in the sun for a bit just to get vitamin D and perhaps regulate my pineal gland to day and night cycle so I can sleep again. It is funny how sitting in front of the computer, writing and worrying about marketing publications and deadlines can fucks you up.

In his infinite wisdom, Mark keeps yelling at me about stressing and that what we took as a fun project to ease the stress of our day job becomes a second full-time job, but I can’t help it. When I do things, I do things not cutting corners or half measures.

So hop on the bandwagon and share your experience with stress, insomnia and a hobby that became a full-time job.

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