A bit overwhelmed

          The last 2 weeks were like a pit of madness to  us. I was anxious about the short story release and how it would be received. There was also planning regarding marketing and another series strategy. On the day of release, I was obsessing about the sales and the reviews and simply trying to be on as many social and non-social pages and events to attract positive attention.

Spoiler alert: Reviews are so far good, mainly 5*

It is so draining. People say social media are an addiction, and I feel like I fall into a rabbit hole, constantly checking if I’m not missing out on something that could help our writing. This and juggling the real-life, very demanding job while also trying to be a human being and spend some time with my family took a toll on me, and my daily word count and writing detracted. That is annoying, with my character I like things to go as planned, but at least now I have 4 almost free day to catch up with my word count and make it better.

As for the big release of out 300+ pages novel Autumn Chaos we hired the professional editor, she is a wonderful person who likes our style of writing and I believe will be perfect champion for our work. We also contracted the digital artist to design cover and hopefully soon we will do a big cover reveal. But right now I need to focus on writing and finish Winter Dragon so we can keep with planned publishing schedule.

For those of you who signed up to our mailing list. Thank you so much. More short stories are coming so please check your mail boxes( and the spam folders 😏) As we will be sending them out to you together with other giveaway gifts.

Finally if you get hold of A LITTLE ACCIDENT ( free on Amazon now) please leave the review. It will let us to improve our writing and keep us going when things get little bit to overwhelming. Or leave a comment or two here if you have experience with self-publishing or you would like to know about ours.

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