I did it again (my take on digital art)

Creating that perfect PR photo, a harrowing experience.

As a new author, PR is important, and getting your image to the potential readership is something that’s not always the easiest of tasks. So, after brainstorming ideas and trying various outfits and poses, one image we tried was of me in a kilt, sporting a Polish sabre. All went well at the start, when I say well I mean I tried to look less like a bean-pole and more like a warrior. Hmm yes well at my age and sporting a dad bod we finally got something that didn’t make me reach for the mind bleach.

Then came background. Neither I or Olga are photoshop experts so we cheated and used an app that creates backdrops etc. and voila one dynamic picture. As I looked over the results I thought this isn’t bad, looking at the kilt and sword. Then I looked up at my head and something inside me broke. After almost five minutes of hysterical laughter I asked my partner, very reasonably I thought, where the top of my head had gone. After she’d finished laughing herself silly, we spent the next hour reconstructing the top of my head.

So please help yourself to a good laugh, here are the before and after pictures. Do tell us what you think in the comments


Now the word from me (Olga). I did my best to remove the furniture and cat licking it’s bottom in the background, but as time proved again and again I’m not the even close to produce decent images and this time made my man bald and beautiful like a humpty dumpty. But at least his heart will be healthy after half an hour roaring laugh.

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