Let me tease you a little -Autumn Chaos snippet

Suddenly, the tavern door slammed against the wall, the screech of its hinges silencing the room. A red-haired giant of a man pushed through, followed by a disorderly group of ruffians. The crowd scattered when he headed straight to the bar, and, pushing himself between Ina and her young suitor, he slammed his massive hands on the counter.

“Gruff! Beer and plenty of it, we come with a trophy today.”

He placed the head of some creature that Ina had never seen in her life on the counter. This distorted face vaguely resembled a human, but it was also coated with what Ina’s nose identified as sewer mud.

“Take this carcass off the counter before I shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine,”

Ina barked, holding back waves of nausea. The red-headed giant’s companions murmured, instantly hostile, and he turned around to look at the intruder. He looked lower and lower until finally, his eyes met Ina’s. Pale blue irises almost disappeared when his pupils widened. He carelessly threw his head and roared.

“Striga! My little kitten, where on Freya’s tits have you been?”

I hope you like this little tease. We are working to publish the novel AUTUMN CHAOS in September. In the mean time if you want to get to know our mischievous Ina we are releasing her short story A Little Accident on Sunday 24/April

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