The random stream of thoughts: Easter, ED and daily frustrations

The day before Easter morning in Poland, is the time when in almost every house, people gather to paint the eggs.

It is mainly disguised as “we are doing it for the kids,” but don’t be mistaken. It is a proper competition where adults feel pressure to have the best eggs in the basket.

(Yes, mom, it’s about you 😘 )

And I must admit I miss it a lot. Being an ex-pat in England means I’m missing many things because as much as my wonderful family complies with every weird and wonderful Polish custom, I want to introduce them to Mark’s family too. Even with Mark being absolutely fascinated by polish culture, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Work has been hectic lately, so much that coming home, I have no brain left to write a few words, not to mention fulfilling the daily word count. The second book is 72% ready, and I’m 100% frustrated about my inability to focus. It’s like being a doctor, and worst, being a senior doctor often in charge of the ED shop floor is sucking me dry. After the Covid, we have so many patients that shouldn’t be emergencies. Still, they somehow are – we have newly discovered cancers (I’ve never seen so many diagnosed in ED as a first point). Illnesses that went unchecked for a year are fully blown decompensation(sudden exacerbation of chronic long-term illness) and the crowd of people that often have nowhere else to go. We are the only service with the “lights still on”. It is tiring on so many levels, and I think it’s the main reason I delved so deeply into the fantasy world this year.

I’m trying to learn how to market our book, and I have no FUCKING idea what I am doing. And I constantly feel like I’m doing it wrong. How do people get followers? How do they entice someone to sign to the mailing list or subscribe to the blog? How the heck do they have any type of coverage for their work?

Being a natural-born introvert who prefers to sit with a book in hand and a cat on the lap, this new endeavour is worse than facing “full Resus and more to come” in ED. At least at work, I know what I’m doing. Being 40+, I had to learn web design, book typesetting and now marketing strategies for the anti-social.

That is so frustrating, especially since I don’t feel I’m doing a good job or even understand the principle.

But enough of complaining, here have a Cat Butt

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