Insanity in the bottle(2021) – a bit of humour

Yesterday we planned Chinese series binging and to make the evening even more pleasant we started the fire, and opened a small bottle of wine we bought the previous day in Sainsbury’s. Both Mark and I are sweet wine drinkers only (I don’t know why anyone would drink dry wine – it is like punishment for future sins 🤢), so we have maybe 3 types of wine to choose from.

The wine was in the small bottle, but it was enough for one glass each, as we are not heavy drinkers and a glass of wine maybe once a week is all we need for happy lock-down we were more than OK with it. 

The wine was nice if you like sweet wine that is something I can recommend but…

It make me so tipsy, I finish my glass and I start giggling and I couldn’t fecking stop. Mark had time of his life and was pretty mellow on the sofa ( not to mention tomato red), but I just laugh at everything. 

The last time I had a “phase” like this was during my uni time when our pharmacology colleagues ( we lived in the same student’s house and constantly argued about who has more difficult studies) brought “grandma homemade liqueur” as a peace offering. 

The next day after what was later known as the “Why your student housemates run around the block in pyjamas” event and never solved the criminal mystery: “Who shat in the shower?”, we found out that so-called nan’s wine what nothing else but our pharmacology team extra-curriculum project made from homegrown herbs. 

Remember, never trust the pharmacists who came with elixirs, they know their magic. 🧙 and they can take revenge for our handwritten prescriptions.

Of course, different times, different customs, and no one made a big deal of it, but my uni times are a story to tell.

Anyway, I digress, so our innocent legally bought wine gave the same irresistible urge to laugh my arse off from absolutely anything. Finally, Mark also bend in half from giggling called.

“Serennah, come and see what happened”

And so we have a child walking down the stairs, giving us THE LOOK when we still giggle in the kitchen. I’ve managed to say:

” it looks like wine was a bit too strong”

Before she turn around with utter condemnation that almost matched my nan’s best “you are in trouble” face and she walked upstairs, yes, she never saw us tipsy, not even once, I shouted behind her:

” I will give you the same look first thing you came home drunk”

My insane giggle lasted for about two hours followed by almost instant sobering up with no hangover the next day.

So I can only recommend you this “french revenge” product as a perfect stay-at-home drink.

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