One is playing when another one is working ๐Ÿ˜

Watermark is there, because…I’m a cheapskate and used a free program.

When Mark is working his butt off re-editing an already edited book(I know, I know but he is a perfectionist ๐Ÿ˜). I was playing with cover graphic a new blurb and generally hyping myself up.

But, enough procrastinating today time to sit down and continue to write “Winter Dragon”

Blurb (new version)

When a battered body is dumped on her doorstep, Ina knows life just got complicated.

The exiled mage turned village witch, Inanuan of Thorn, has her life turned upside down again that day. No good deeds go unpunished in the Black Forest, not even if your friend is the Leshy himself.

Torn between two exceptional men and thrown into the centre of a political power struggle, Ina must learn to harness her magic or let the Chaos that rules her life engulf the kingdom of Cornovii.

The body count is rising while Ina is sorting out her love life. What else can go wrong for a kingdom where nothing is as it seems, and โ€˜Limp Dickโ€™ becomes the kingโ€™s moniker?

Will the witch, her cat and the curse of the flying doors resolve the problem before itโ€™s too late?

Published by Olga&Mark

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