The over bear-ing Man 😂

Mark is well known for being overprotective. Yesterday I had a bad day and it seemed to get into his head. We have this super king-size monstrosity in the bedroom, the biggest one available in the UK because when I sleep, I’m like a starfish on steroids, not only ever extremity is spread wide but also I rotate like a tumble dryer. Mark, for a change sleep as log, you place him in one position, and he wakes up in the morning in the same position … well till his brain gets into “protect my woman mode”.

Last night I was almost asleep hearing his soft snoring when suddenly a long orangutan arm grabbed me by my waist, shoved me across the bed and I was squished by a 6-foot long male body.

Right … oh, did I mention that Marks’s body temperature is the furnace, and I mean it you could fry eggs on his back, so me, a cold sleep lover, start to stew in his heat. I gave him a few minutes to settle down, and I attempted to get back to my side of the bed.
Success… for whole 5 min

Then he just rolled in the bed, invading my side and throwing his leg on me, the whole one, right no my tummy with force I nearly wet the bed, and the rest of his body follows.

Now I’m hanging on the edge for dear life with a massive amount of hot flesh almost on top of me. I was trying to push him away, but it was like fighting with a bear in the middle of the night. Finally, I decided to wake him up because he was asleep and snoring during whole antics. Pushing and pulling, I said,

“Will, you go to your side of the bed, you overhearing me!”

“You won’t tell me what to do,” he grumbled and squeezed me even harder

Finally, I managed to relocate him back to his bed space for maybe 10 minutes, then this circus started again and lasted the whole night.

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