Let me play you the song of my people(2020)

To set a background for this story, Mark’s son has autism, a bit of weird form as he loves his cuddles and tickles, also when he is bored or really want something he makes a noise we call singing but … just imagine Florence Foster Jenkins type of opera aria.

We also have a disabled cat with severe epilepsy who love to sleep on the first-floor stairs, so we had to protect the balustrade with a transparent PVC sheet so when he has a seizure he doesn’t fall down to the ground floor. My other cats discovered that if they bang in this plastic drum long enough one of the humans go downstairs and feed them.

Scene: lovely quiet house 6am Saturday. We were blissfully cuddling.

After spending 15 years working as an ambulance doctor(one of my jobs) in Poland I acquire some super skills, I can hear things while sleeping. How you ask, well you need to hear bleeps and calls from dispatchers when you are on night shift and sleep-deprived.So I can hear when Leo wakes up and plays in his bedroom, nothing suspicious and nothing to actually wake me up. Suddenly someone sneaks at landing next to our main bedroom and …-

BUM, BUM, BUM, BUM – cats war drums start banging

– YAAA…yooo….aaaaa…AAAAA – our own personal opera singer join the music

I just thought to myself “don’t show signs of life maybe they are like bears and they will walk away but hell no


– YAAA…yooo….aaaaa…AAAAA


– YAAA…yooo….aaaaa…AAAAA


– YAAA…yooo….aaaaa…AAAAA

After 15 min I just realize, yes you fecking monsters, sleeping Gods heard the song of your people and they will arise, grumpy as fuck.

And guess what? Once we emerge from the bedroom everyone was like a piece of sunshine, Leo instant went to Mark for cuddles, cats start purring like crazy and asking for strokes, just fecking ray of sunshine and of course house is now calm, quiet and perfectly at peace … and we sitting in the living room sipping coffee and trying to get rid of murderous thoughts.

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