Magic and Medicine – new episode.

Episode 13

After last night’s excursion, the power, together with anger, coursed through my veins, and instead of resting, I went to my garden to train. I haven’t used a sword for so long, yet it fits my hand like I never put it to rest. Blade routine calmed my mind, and when the first ray of dawn created a pinkish hue in the sky, I was finally ready to sleep.

Morning came too early with the banging on the doors of my bedroom. Whoever dared this had a death, but when my assistant walked in and opened the curtain, I realised the sun was past its zenith, and we well headed toward the afternoon.

‘Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?’ I said grumbly when he put the breakfast tray on the bed, but he only shook his head.

‘Because I wanted to live? I haven’t seen you dance with a sword since… well, ever, but my predecessor told me to keep my distance if such an event occurs.’

I tried to hide the smirk. Before last night, I only held the sword in the direst situation or when I needed to clear my thoughts, both occasions guaranteed it was better to not cross my path that time. Somehow new human invention, guns, didn’t work well with my magic, but a good sharp blade synchronised with it perfectly. The poor man must have thought I’m heading for a war. The thought about the fight led to the reminiscences of the last night, and after I finished my sandwich, I asked.

‘How are the preparations? Did wolves extend my invitation to Anchor? I would hate to drop there unwelcome, but I will do it if they force my hand.’

‘Yes, the letter came this afternoon and is one reason I woke you up. The owner of the Anchor not only invited you to come in but also mentioned some special event he will organise for such visit’

I sighed as it was more than I expected and most inconvenient. Not only will the underbelly of Tricity know the Green Lord visited the local mobster, but they will also assume we are on friendly terms. That was a major flaw in my plan, but looking at my assistant, I realised it wasn’t the only one.

‘What is the second reason?’

‘The young wolf, he came here not so long ago saying Sara had some unwelcome visitors at her work and that he will keep an eye on her.’

My hand clenched around the cup with a force that shattered the ceramic mug into pieces, splashing hot coffee on the floor, but I barely felt it. The thought someone might have been disturbing Sara, my Sara, made my voice turn into a feral snarl.

‘Find who he is and make him disappear.’ I heard myself saying, and despite my careful politics around the human government of Gdansk, I didn’t care how this person disappeared for as long as my woman was free from unwanted attention. My woman, since when I considered her my woman. Whispered the voice of reason in my head, but I shook it off, getting dressed. I had to blend in with the hedonistic crowd of an Anchor and abandon my usual style. I accepted the clothes my assistant had prepared. Still, I almost snapped at him when he came and ruffled my hair.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ I asked quietly, looking in the mirror.

‘The newest trend on TikTok, you look like one of the fantasy book boys my daughter loves so much.’ He answered with a smirk. I was lost for words, but my high riding brow was a clear mark of discontent. Still, the face that looked at me from the mirror was much younger and ruggedly handsome. Would she like it? Somehow my thoughts drifted toward the doctor, and I had to chastise myself again.

‘Tell the men to be ready, choose the best fighters and … give them your newest TikTok trend lesson. All weapons must be concealed, but don’t let them come unarmed. I do not know what Nadolny prepared for us.’

My man nodded and went to disseminate his message together with his unique fashion sense, and I sat down by the desk preparing the amulet. I didn’t need much power to create this one. A piece of wood with simple runes looks like one of this neo-pagan amulets many young men are wearing nowadays. Out of spite, I shaped it into Thor’s hammer, knowing the Norse arsehole would indeed feel me using his symbol. No matter how concealed the mer folk were, this one will alert me to any saltwater creature within a hundred-meter radius. I ignored my phone that buzzed once or twice, seeing Sara’s name on the screen. I will explain everything to her and take her to the best restaurant once we sort this mess out, but right now,  I need to clear my head before causing the interracial crisis.

I wasn’t sure how much time I spent making the amulet, but when a soft knock drew my attention, and I raised my eyes from the necklace, it was already dark outside.

‘Leszek, we have to go. You don’t want to miss a good party.’ Adam sounded cocky as always, and when he entered, he was a perfect embodiment of teenage dreams, not to mention projecting the vampire glamour didn’t help the situation.

‘Tone it down. We were supposed to blend in, not attract attention.’ I scorned him, but he only threw me a mischievous grin.

‘Look who’s talking, or maybe you plan to visit Sara after debauchery in the Anchor? And Thor’s hammer? Really? I thought you disliked him.’

‘No, and I leave debauchery to you. Drag their attention while I will sort out the issues with Nadolny. He likely knows about the new players in the docks, and I want to know what merfolks are doing in the Anchor. As for Thor, he will benefit from a little itch.’ Adam looked at me for a moment, and I saw his eyes flash with concern before the mast of the jester returned to his face.

‘I will do my best to capture all attention, but don’t blame me if they ask for a bite or two. You know how hard it is to resist the temptation of a willing woman.’

‘Whatever, as long as you don’t hurt or kill them, their charitable donations are non of my concern.’ I said, taking my coat off the armchair and pointing toward the doors. ‘Shall we? As you said, we can’t let the king of Tricity underworld wait too long.’