It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p

I was on shift at the hospital today, and… safe to say I almost peed myself laughing, but not just me. My colleague, a medical specialist consultant, was there too, and the story our nurses told during their lunch break left us helpless for a good 20 minutes because we couldn’t stop laughing. So theContinue reading “It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p”

High as a kite 🤣

Guess what happened? Mar in his infinite wisdom cleaned the teenager room than carrying a lot of cups and glasses not seeing where he was going he slipped on the stairs and instead of dropping the load and save himself he somersaulted full flight down. To make our life even more interesting, he drove himselfContinue reading “High as a kite 🤣”

Happy International nurse day

To my friends and colleagues, work wives and husbands who worked with me all those years and stick hands in people’s orifices. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL NURSE DAY! The doctor’s life and patient care would be so much more difficult without you. Also, I got an honorary nurse title and … A PEN!!! a really nice PEN.Continue reading “Happy International nurse day”