Season’s War

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Dark Fantasy Romance

In the land where the Old Gods still walk on earth, the antihero, the harbinger of Chaos, and the daughter of the Autumn, lady Inanuan of Thorn have to face her magic and choose between power and the life she always wanted.

For many, known as Striga for her explosive temper or Royal Witch for her role, she is just Ina, a woman of many colours, craving to live her life free and without too many expectations.
With a rare Chaos magic, she becomes the centre of a power struggle between those who desire to rule the world with her hands. And when her life gets tangled with Marcach of Liath, and Sa’Ren Gerel, her heart have to choose between them even if her magic has already claimed them both.

The same magic that long ago changed the shape of the known world.

Meet the land of Cornovii, a merchant kingdom and the bubbling cauldron of human and non-human races living together and follow the adventures of incorrigible Ina, her men, her friends, and Leshy, the Old God of the Forest, who chose her to be his herald.

(Series contains mature themes and language, violent scenes and steamy content that some readers may find distressing)

Inanuan of Thorn
Marcach of Liath
Sa’Ren Gerel (if Daniel Henney agreed to play it ;p)