Summer Veil


Season’s War: Book Four

Jacket Hardback

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Behold the monster that will shatter the world. Bear witness to her power in awe and despair.

Saga of the Last Empress

With their bond gone, Mar is determined to find Ina, even if he has to challenge the Gods to steal her back.
With an unparalleled enemy threatening Cornovii, Ina must restore her ability to use magic, or the country she fought so hard to save will fall under the axes of a merciless foe.
He would destroy the world for her. She would sacrifice her life to save it. Can the realm survive their love?
Immerse yourself in the final instalment of Season’s War series and learn about the kingdom of Cornovii, where passion is mixed with cruelty, and the unwilling hero with world-shattering power has to make impossible choices. Dark Fantasy with mature themes – reader caution advised.

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