Spring Blight


Season’s War:Book Three


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Chaos and the wicked soul know no rest.”
(Old folk proverb)

Ina has no time to enjoy domestic life with Mar. As soon as life settles down after the Winter War, King Rewan calls his Royal Witch to give her a new task.
Southern rebellion, crops dying, and an endless stream of assassins attacking the king, leaving a trail that backs to a neighbouring kingdom. To make matters worse, an ancient cult has emerged from the shadows offering sacrifices to Winter’s Death.
One fateful letter and Ina is back on the road with an unlikely companion. But what can one Chaos mage do against so many enemies and the power of the Old Gods?

Immerse yourself in the third book of Season’s War, where passion mixes with cruelty, and the world-changing power can shackle even goddess to the mortal plain. The book is NOT standalone for the best experience, consider reading in the series order.

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