Autumn Chaos


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Chaos, monsters, and one mistake threaten to ruin the kingdom.

Offending the king’s manhood is never a good idea. Years ago, Lady Inanuan of Thorn lost everything, her friends, her position and her comfortable life when she was exiled to the mythical Black Forest.

After a half-dead Marcach, Captain of the King’s Guard, lands on her doorstep, Ina takes a gamble, and to win her freedom, breaks an ancient law to save his life… only to be accused of plotting rebellion.

Confused by his feelings and seeing his best friend on the brink of death, Marcach forces this obstinate woman to use her magic again, unaware that the Chaos she wields creates an unbreakable bond. The forbidden spell awakens an ancient bloodline and dark desires, creating an intense rivalry between the warriors over a woman who despises any commitment.

Saddled with unwilling guardians, with bodies piling up in the sewers of Osterad, Ina must solve a mystery to clear her name, knowing her failure will devastate the kingdom, while the heart she so fiercely guarded reluctantly yields to the men she never wanted.

Immerse yourself in Season’s War series and learn about the kingdom of Cornovii, where passion is mixed with cruelty, and the unwilling hero with world-shattering power has to make impossible choices. Dark Fantasy with mature themes – reader caution advised.

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