Artist: Ink-Yami

The Domowik’s origin came from the benevolent household spirits occupying mainly peasant settings. His name means the lord of the house. Domowik is often portrayed as an old, small and hairy man with a variety of companion animals such as cats, dogs and even occasionally bears.

The importance of the role of Domowik lies in his ancestral connection with the occupants of the house and his guarding role toward the settings. therefore Domowik is often benevolent and helpful in daily chores. However, if felt disrespected, he can start pranking the occupants of the house, destroying the furniture and creating a mess and disarray. Sometimes they can even piss on the milk causing it to sour.

The best way to be on his good side is to give offerings from food and drinks, preferably milk and cookies, because happy Domowik is the best ally against Slavic monsters, demons and evil spirits.

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